The Salient Points of Success in Surrender
I got an email today from Stephen Dinan @ the Shift Network which reads:

Dear Melanie,

Are you a Type A leader (competitive, hard-driving) or a Type B (easygoing)?

What if I told you there's a third choice: Type E (for enlightened)?

I'm being a bit playful here but it's important to think outside the boxes we inherit.

A Type E leader is committed to not only produce excellent results but also create an environment in which everyone thrives while fulfilling a higher purpose.

He goes on to qualify that if you're developing a business with an aim to making the world a better place, you're best off being a Type E leader.

Why? Because Type E leaders are integrated, whole and receptive. They integrate the best of feminine and masculine qualities and consider intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They're all about deepening connections but also inspiring achievement.

You get the picture.

Anyway, it got me thinking. What about Type S leaders (in surrender)? And then it hit me!

...we are all competitive and hard-driven in some things; we are all easygoing at some point; we are all enlightened on some subjects; and we are all surrendered to something that cannot be known.

Being something does not rule out being everything. That is, just because you believe yourself to be "competitive" or controlling, doesn't mean you can't also be "easygoing". You just manifest these aspects in such a way that they appear to be separate, rather than part of one spectrum self.

Try it. Ask yourself where you have decided you are one thing instead of something else? Think about the either-or definitions that make you who you are. For example, consider:

> How you introduce yourself at a party?

> What you write about yourself on your social media profiles?

> Which answers you select on personality tests that ask you to choose between introvert-extrovert, left-right brained, masculine-feminine, scientific-religious, cat-dog lover, better at math-english, and so on?

Write down what comes to you.

Now find the truth for all the things you do not believe yourself to be...