Saltwater - A Novella (Part 2)
Notes from Meso - Ursu Terra, 189.76 AH

Since the hassle isn't worth it, I make my way to the Hall of Silence (without being prompted! Mxm would be so proud).

Anasi finds me on the walkway in front of the Hall's large, brass decorated doors. They are sprawled flat on their back, belly to the sky.

Blinking slowly.


"Home?" I ask.

No response.


On top of everything, these groceries are heavy and now I have to walk 10 extra blocks because SOMEBODY had to get lost and dick off in the market.

What kind of guardian likes to go to the gold-forsaken market anyway? I see that shit on the broadcast sometimes, but I never...

Anasi of course bolts past me as I turn to leave.

We're going to be lucky if we make it back by dark, like Anasi cares.

Anasi doesn't care about anyone except Anasi.


I can already hear the commotion as I turn down my alley. 

Auso, my pad-mate's guardian, is screaming.

Screaming is normal for guardians, supposedly.

It doesn't mean the sound doesn't make your skin crawl. MY skin nearly jumps off my damn body, to be transparent. 

Anasi is melting in the sidewalk. They disappear completely as we walk up to the flat. The subsequent rattle is evidence they've neatly fucked off somewhere inside.

Auso's wailing cuts off just as I reach for the door handle.

I freeze, waiting.

Footsteps, then Lu is opening the door with a broad swing, nearly smashing my outreached hand. I yelp, stepping to the side, nearly spilling my bags - and the screaming starts up again.

Lu is laughing and their whole chest shaking.

I'm not staring.

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