Saltwater - A Novella (Part 3)
Notes from Meso - Ursu Terra, 189.76 AH 

"Has this been all day?" I'm asking, dissolving and disrobing in a stream of bags and clothes, ending in the kitchen where Anasi is pacing by the sink.

Why did I get so much shit?

Lu and I have lived together for a while.

They are the most compatible pad-mate I think I could ever hope to have, not to mention their obvious mastery of the Stillness.

Sometimes when I catch Lu by themselves, I could almost believe they'd truly stilled themselves into rock.

I have seen them breathe though.

Anyway. Enough about Lu. 

Auso is screaming and my eye is starting to twitch.

From the distance, the sound of the last bells are ringing to signal nightfall. The Hall of Silence provides this service for free, just like everything else they do. Silent Workers maintain the halls, which are located all over the city. Service to the Hall is lifelong once you've been accepted as an apprentice. And THOSE are highly competitive positions. 

I always thought it would be interesting to explore one, but unless you actually need help with something (like you became separated from your guardian, you're struggling with bonding, general relationship things, etc) they limit who comes and goes. No free wandering for me.

Old folks talk about places without guardians, rain, or even the Stillness.

It makes me uneasy.

If you don't have a guardian, do you still have a soul?

I try not to think about it.

There have always been guardians.

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