Saltwater - A Novella (Part 4)
Notes from Lu - Ursu Terra, 189.76 AH

Meso comes in looking as irritated and flustered as ever. 

It probably doesn't help I almost hit them in the face with the door, but their hands were full. Potential catastrophe avoided, on multiple counts. 

I hear them talking, but I stop listening and sit back down when they rip off all their clothes. I've always been skin shy.

"Lu?" Meso is asking.

"Sorry, what?" Snap back to focus. 

"Has Auso been doing this all day?"

"Yeah mostly, this started around noon." Across the the rug, Auso is pacing around my meditation stand, eyes rolling. Heaving.

From the kitchen, crinkling of grocery bags adds to the cacophony. Meso leans out of the doorway, asking "Have you tried seeing what it is this time?"

I can't look. 

"No, I was about to start."

"I'll join you if you give me a minute."


Moving quietly, I sit down on the soft foam disk of the meditation stand, and Auso miraculously quiets, positioning across from me - eyes flickering, waiting. 

Anasi floats in and takes a similar position next to Meso's stand. It's fluffy and yellow - a perfect contrast to Anasi's inky smudge.

True to their word, Meso rushes (falls) into the room and throws their limbs into the appropriate positions.

"Shall we?" they ask, slowly reaching to Anasi with a pinky finger extended.

I'm nodding, breathing, extending my hand to Auso. 

Clearing my mind. Emptying my thoughts. 

I hear the sound of rain.

The cool dark of the Stillness is wrapping me into it's fold. 

My senses are blanketed in silence.

Everything outside no longer exists.

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