Saltwater - A Novella (Part 5)
 Notes from Lu - Ursu Terra, 185.71 AH

It was the First Guardian that taught Stillness to human-kind. It was a gift of survival - a way for humans to find a commonality, to find a way forward. Among one another. War brought humans to Ursu. Our devastation spread across our own planet until there was no way out. 

We found our guardians here. They offered us a new way of life. A way of peace.

We have survived here for generations now.  

Some of this, I learned through my studies. The rest of this, Auso has taught me. 

Auso's mind is fractured. Like shards of glass held together with spiderwebs. They struggle to keep their form together most days, although their eyes maintain a golden hue. Nothing aside from their eyes stays the same for too long. 

Guardians aren't human. They can't be described as solid, liquid, or anything that we've been able to name. They hold no permanent form or shape, although Anasi seems to favor a cat. 

Sometime after birth a guardian appears for the bonding.

Each experience is said to be unique.

They are.

Guardians have their own agenda. They are strange, but we learned through the Stillness that having a guardian means one thing in particular- 

you live. 

"... A guardian seated by your side mean's luck is up - you'll yet survive"

 - Excerpt from a children's song, date unknown

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