Sam Gamgee and Frodo Baggins
Hello, friends! Well, it's a new year, my book projects are all caught up, and we're moved in to the house, so I can start being regular again. Thanks so much for your patience! Though I've been posting art and such pretty regularly on social media, I haven't been posting on here as much...mostly haven't wanted to clog up your e-mails, but then I was thinking about how much I appreciate getting the e-mails from folks whom I support, so I've changed my mind about that.

Here are a couple of Lord of the Rings commissions: Samwise and Frodo. I'm of the mind that since hobbits live underground they ought to bear a resemblance to groundhogs/whistlepigs.

I liked how these turned out so I may do a Fellowship-of-the-Ring set using them, throw the other seven in there, make Boromir as wide as a door and Strider real homely and rangey.