A sample of "If I Had a Penny"
A few weeks ago back in April (geez, more like a few months now - where does the time go?!), I posted this video to YouTube. "If I Had a Penny" is a song I wrote over a year ago, originally about writer's block. I wasn't totally happy with it the first time I wrote it, but I put it aside thinking I'd come back to it at a later date. 

After the presidential election, "If I Had a Penny" had a totally new meaning to me. I took it out again, rewrote the words, and changed a bit of the melody...so nearly a complete overhaul :) The result is something I'm pretty proud of. This is a sample of the first verse/chorus, but I'm planning to post the full song soon. 

The images are a compilation of signs and pictures from marches and rallies I attended after the election, including the Women's March and the Muslim Ban protest. I hope you enjoy it!