A sample of one of my "What if scenarios"
As the Prince of all saiyans stood over Goku's lifeless and broken body, Vegeta could not help but feel an intense anger and rage swelling up inside him. One that came from the deepest part of his very core. Not because Goku is now dead, but at the fact that kakkarot's death was not met by his hands. Vegeta turned to look at the one responsible for taking away any chance that he would ever have to put himself to the test in the ultimate battle and prove once and for all that he was in fact Goku's better. As Vegeta locked eyes with Vermoud, the clown God of destruction, a wicked and chilling smile slithered across his face. "For your sake, I hope that you are prepared for what comes next..." Vegeta said with a dead tone in his voice as his sadistic grin quickly turned into a dreadful frown. "...i have no intention of letting you leave this place alive." I posted this sample writing to give you guys an example of the type of content I plan to be publishing here on patton. Let me know what you guys think and please be brutally honest with your thoughts, opinions, and any ideas or suggestions that you might have for me.
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