Sample Pack: Gold Rewards

Hey everyone!

The gold tier has many rewards

  • Item Cards (VTT and Online)
    One sided item cards for VTT's and online play. You can find a sample of these digital item cards which are perfect for VTT use or online play in the downloads below.

  • Pages
    Printable pages filled with random tables, creatures, subclasses and more. Download samples below of the Lava elemental and d100 of slightly magical trinkets*. There are many more kinds of reference pages at the gold tier including magic items, poisons and diseases. (Tokens for creatures are also included in the gold tier).

  • Themed sets
    Packs of pages and cards in specific themes tailored to a campaign or adventure.
    Sample in the downloads of the pirates treasure themed set, and a page of the Relics of the Realms - Volume 6*. (Relics are the items in order of publishing in sets of 52)

  • Access to the Sea of Starlight
    Campaign setting and searchable archive of all content and even more worldbuilding. Includes organizations, NPC's, (interactive) maps and more. 

If you just want to print cards for your home game, check out the silver tier rewards.
Or if you're just browsing, check out all the free posts


* These pages watermarked, rewards for patrons do not have background watermarks.

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