Sample picture of my Leg Kick book.
I'm busy working on the pictures for my Leg Kick Book for MMA and wanted to share a sample with you. This one shows the rear-leg block against a leg kick targetting either the inside of your front leg or your back leg. Note the position of his right arm up high, covering him in case it isn't a leg kick, but a high kick. 

One of the reasons I started a Patreon page is to finance the equipment needed for better quality work. This picture isn't bad, but I had to photoshop it a bit to bring it out better. I also got rid of a halo artifact because of a dust spec in front of the lense. If you can spot where that one was, I'd be impressed. :-)

What bugs me the most is the shadow on the wall, due to not having the right lighting set up. Getting rid of that in every picture would take too much time for the amount of pictures I have to edit. 

My students; Jerome and Julien, were real troopers throughout the shoot. It was cold and late at night after class when we shot all the pictures. They never complained and did great. If the pictures look good, it's mostly thanks to their hard work. I only pushed the button on the camera. :-)