Sam's Story
Recently published my first book "Sam's Story" which was an epic achievment for me. It is the story of two young gay men that fall in love and have this delicious romance that is narrated by yours truly. Some of the naration is brutally honest and some of it quirky and endearing. Dylan and Sam, the two main characters, come face to face with the evil Mustache man who impedes there budding love. Their buddy love.

But enough enough enough!!!

Here is a poem I wrote about a recent love of my own...


The long summer days
The hot summer night
Sweat Pouring
With satisfaction reached
Arising to this face
Tough and delicate
Wise and childish
It can make the worst smile
It can make the chaos

It made me whole that summer

The air crisp
The leaves gilded
Time has moved
Speed of the northern winds
I am losing grip on you
I am losing the look on your face
Satisfaction reached
Now gone

Will I find another love?
But not this adventurous husbandry
We found last summer
It was last summer
Now gone