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San Diego Lawn to Low Water Permaculture Design Year 1
In March of 2015, I began work on a permaculture inspired lawn to low water landscape conversion on a suburban San Diego home. In line with the permaculture principles, I sought to capture and store as much water as possible by channeling rainwater from the roofs into infiltration basins, where it can soak into the soil instead of running off the property. This will hopefully allow the landscape to thrive throughout the dry summer months without the use of irrigation. There are many different ways to apply permaculture design to traditional landscaping to achieve a more efficient and ecologically sound design, this is just one example.

In December of 2015, I was finally able to visit the yard again to see how the design was progressing following its first summer season, which turned out to be one of the hottest on record. Despite receiving little or no maintenance from the home owner, the design was doing remarkably well, and functioning mostly as planned. Some of the plants showed incredible growth, thanks to the initial irrigation schedule not being adjusted down as planned, providing ample water to the young plants. Now that the plants and trees are established, the irrigation has been turned down drastically, even turned off completely or most of the yard. I am excited to see how the design progresses into the future.

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