Hi, my name is Laura, but everyone calls me Sanchi. I am from Spain, born and raised, I came to Australia a couple of years ago. Welcome to my new project! I studied Sport Science in Madrid, in one of the most important universities in the country. When I came to Australia, I had a lot of dreams about how this experience would be, and I sort of crashed a wall when I found out that my degree meant little for Australia, so I did my certificates in fitness. With the time and the experience in the fitness industry, I realised how little we know about HEALTH and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. That is the reason behind this project. This is not about extremely difficult exercises impossible to do that we can find on Instagram. NO. This is about how to exercise in a healthy way and how to adopt some good habits that we can keep doing for the rest of our lives. This is not just about exercises, this is about lifestyle. Lifestyle is exercise, good nutrition, good habits including sleeping habits, harmony in your life. This is what this project is about.

Personalised training programs
AU$100 per month
Every person is different and we all have our specifications. A program found on the Internet might not be for you. Thanks to my knowledge and my extended experience, I can give you a personalised training program, just for you, after having an interview
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