Sans | Commission
Commission info: Sans from the Undertalee, smiling, fullbody. Size: 720×1280 (for phone's wallpaper)
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Well, you've just made a new friend, and

• You get to see my art first before I post it anywhere else;

• Gain access to Patreon exclusive art;

• Sometimes I write songs or do projects other than art, so stay tunned.

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My gratitude and 

• Everything in the Bronze tier;

• Access to my sketches;

• Access to my lineart;

• If at least 3 people set the time when they want to watch me stream my art, we can arrange that via

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 My love and affection, and

• Everything in the Bronze and Silver tiers;

• Preview of my future (possible) comics;

• Process art / speedpaints;

• You can submit 1 request per month;

• Your commissions move to the top of my commission pile!

 • If you want to see me work on your commission in real time (via, you should mention that in the message with your commission's details.

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