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Santa C is Comin 2 Town (Halter/Lucca)
Happy Y'allidays and a Merry (slightly belated, but better late than never, right?) Christmas and Happy Hannukah to you! Hope you enjoyed some quality time with the people you love the most. I spent mine here in Nashville with my daughters, wife, mother-in-law, and 2 cats, witnessing the explosion of pink Christmas that hits our living room once a year.

Speaking of Christmas hits, here's something I did last week with my buddy Tony Lucca ( that I meant to post and the week slipped by me! We shot 2, one is on his page, and one here. Also big thanks to TL for the video edit as well.

In other news I picked up a writers round at The Bluebird Cafe here in Nashville, and if I can I'm going to try and post a video from the show. It's always an honor to be at the Bluebird!

Lastly, if you have Sirius XM you may hear my cover of All I Want For Christmas on The Coffeehouse. : ]

Deck the y'alls,
E : ]

PS. Since there are no credits on this video so I'd like to say thank you here to all of you that continue to make Christmas wishes come true all year round. (Ok that was a bit much) But truly, your part of this Patreon family helps people like Tony and I continue to do what we love to do the most and for that I'm beyond grateful and thankful. 

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