santiago's dead waspcast announcement
I've recently been working hard on a new podcast series launching in January - sort of.

The main series, santiago's dead waspcast will be a series of 45 minute discussion podcasts centring on arts and culture, though they'll also take in other subjects of interest.

The first series starts on Monday 2 January 2017, and will run fortnightly for 12 programmes until 5 June. The second series will return for January 2018.

However, fortnightly in the weeks between shows, in the months between series', and in the run-up to January there will be a supplementary series of shorter, looser programmes under the title santiago's dead media.

santiago's dead media launches tomorrow (Monday 17 October 2016) with a review of The Black Connection, a 1974 Blaxploitation picture.

We will also be looking to fund the podcast in hopes of making it more professional through Patreon.

Podcasts will be available at:[email protected]

And early on Patreon for anyone pledging $1 a month or more

See you soon.