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Here are a few of my bosses. I started doing Social Media work for Craig and Chris last month for Scratchpad Tees and it has been a great learning experience! I've been a freelance consultant (paid and unpaid, for both creative solutions and dabbling into industry research and analysis) for years. I've also been an artist for over a decade. 

I'd like to share an important idea with you. Here is the robotic definition of Social Media from Merriam-Webster.

so·cial me·di·a


websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

My idea of social media is different than most. 

To me, Social Media is the artistic medium of being social to build healthy relationships whether it's friendships or business relationships.  You don't need to be a robot to exercise good social media skills, and you don't need a ton of followers. Depth over Width is important to me, meaning, I could buy a million followers... literally buy them, but what does that matter if they don't love your content...if they aren't buying the product you work so hard on?

 Depth in a social media relationship is more important than the sheer number of followers. 

Let's dive in deep and really get into the nitty gritty of the art of building relationships.  If you want to see my weaving the web of social media and art in action, then follow me on Patreon. Support local artists and musicians by supporting me on Patreon, so I can continue working with the artists and small business owners we all love so much!