Sarm is the second character to be acquired in Endscape: Heroes of Qualan. She is the teams Summoner, allowing her to call on the spirits of old to help her in combat. She carries no weapons with her, only being able to deal damage with whoever she summons to the field for her party. Whatever she summons to the field also takes her place, putting her in the back row, or hidden in this case. Each summon will, obviously, be of a different element, but there are a couple of them that can only be summoned with another. I will not talk about the summons at this point in time, they will be reserved for a later time. She is only eight years old, but she has shown exceptional skill with her magic. Not only can she summon, she also has the ability to use Offensive and Defensive/Healing magic, not as strong as what the other magic users can do, though. Her natural ability makes flames that would only burn do one other thing, it freezes the enemies at the same time as they are burned.