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Patrons Only
Spare Change
$1 or more per null 0 patrons
(approx 80p) That's not even a whole pound!! Instead of collecting it in a bowl on the sideboard, throw your loose change at us every month and we will put it to good use for you. And to say thanks for the gesture we'll put your name up in lights for all to see on our illustrious Patreon board on our website.

Medium Cappuccino
$3 or more per null 1 patron
(approx £2.25) Once a month bring a flask instead of buying one at the station, and send the cost of your morning caffeine fix our way. Not only will we add you to our online Patreon wall, we will immortalise your name in print in our annual exhibition publication. You will go down in history as a supporter of the arts, with copies lodged at the Scottish National Library and National Galleries of Scotland archives for art lovers to marvel at your generosity for generations to come. 
Bus Money
$5 or more per null 2 patrons
(approx £3.80) That works out at about the cost of a day ticket on the bus, so one day a month walk to work and pop your change in our collective creative piggy bank instead. As well as all the perks above, boast openly about your philanthropic nature with a VAS branded enamel badge pinned proudly to your lapel.
Be a Superhero!
$25 or more per null 0 patrons
$25 a month (approx £20) will elevate you to Superhero status! We'll publish your name in lights on our website as a valued supporter, and add you to our VIP private view invite list, the hottest ticket in town! Join us for the opening of our annual exhibition, be the first to see the show in great company with drinks served.
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