Saturday Afternoon Commander 2017-09-16
 Join us for Sad Robot's weekly Saturday Magic: TG event! Everyone's welcome!

We've got all kinds of stock in the Armoury (including cards and accessories, thanks to Sad Robot), plus we've got all kinds of Magic experts on hand to help us learn the rules and improve our decks! Ideal for players looking to ease into the competitive scene!

Order your cards online at and collect them at the club to save on shipping!

It's R55 for a Day Pass. That includes cover charge and various bottomless beverages. The Power-Up Bar will be fully stocked to keep you geeking in case you get hungry.

Commander is inherently a casual format, so we run our Saturday sessions accordingly. But we're currently testing a Commander Points system to introduce a more competitive element, and prizes will be given to the winner. Remember that you need to register with your DCI number to qualify for prizes.