Saturday Artist Spotlight: Christina Gardner
This week's artist spotlight is Christina Gardner, who made this fantastic sketch of Choko.  Click here to see more of her art.

Though I'm on a bit of a holiday for a week I am gathering up picture references, going on my artist field trip to the Philbrook Museum next week, and have gotten patron Kathy's requests all planned out. On the current to do list is: Zozo's portrait for this year's button/this month's postcard, finish coloring Eriwen for next month's postcard, and I will alternate the 13 dwarves' gesture sketches with Kathy's request for Dapplegreen and Moonbell, a couple of pictures of Eileen and Zozo, Jade and Veln, a couple of pinup pictures of Moonbell, Kirwan, Schatz and Zippo, a couple of pictures of Eriwen and her beau, Jelani and Joliet, a pinup of the Goddess of Love, Jade and Alicio, and Peppermint and Zippo. We've worked out most of the poses for her requests. Basically, there are 34 pictures in the queue.  I can't wait to get to work on them!



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