Sauce’s Birthday Streamtacular!
Hey folks, just officially announcing that since tomorrow is my birthday, I’ve decided to celebrate with a marathon art stream.

I will be starting at around 1800 BST (1300 EDT/1000 PDT) and plan on going for as long as I can. Quite possibly for around 10 hours or so. As is per usual for my art streams, I will be live on webcam and mic, so expect bad singing, foul language, and my usual eclectic musical selection. I may well do a skype call if people want to chat too!

I plan on doing requests for randomly selected stream participants, maybe some OC crackship offspring stuff, and may start work on a new print (unless of course someone decides to commission me).

The stream will take place here:

I will make a post announcing when it goes live, but if you don’t want to miss it you can click that link and click the “Follow” button on Picarto - that way you’ll also get automatic email notifications for all of my streams.

So yeah. Make sure you tune in, bring some booze and let’s all have a right laugh!