The Saudi NAZCA?
What's going on here? It's been reported in the news...  

That there are wheel-like lines and other oddities... OMG!

Interestingly, it would seem that many of these are found near lava fields, implying to me a kind of worship of the fire god, (Lucifer=fallen Angel) but there may be other explanations. 

The cargo-cult explanation at Nazca may not necessarily be resorted to, (in that theory, figures seen only from the air lead some ancient airship to a Plateau in the desert, the only place for a VTOL craft to land.)

I've gone to google earth myself to take a peak and it would seem that these structures are just 'really weird.' Apparently they date to 6000 BC or thereabouts, dated with optical luminescence. This, from Joran is Solsticial.

Furthermore, it has been found that spokes of wheels appear to point to the winter solstice.  Is this a kind of solstice-year cult rather than an equinox-year cult? For example, our Roman year is a 'solstice cult' since the year begins and ends near 25th Dec (extra days added!). These are really different tribes and their different ideas at work! The Romans came from the East ('Troy'), who in turn inherited their solstice year from the sculptures found in Jordan (And Saudi Arabia?)

I illustrated the difference in one of my videos, but also in the following schematic:

(And it's illustrated in this video! These here are Solstice Pyramids!)

I noticed that Atlantic-Style pyramids who may have been built by the travelling gingers, (remnants of the Nephilim), are aligned to solstices rather than the equinoxes. To align to equinoxes, you simply point your pyramid, north, south, east west, like the Great pyramid. At the equinoxes day and night are equal and in this way, the pyramid becomes aligned to the rising and setting suns on this day only. 

Different tribes had different ways of measuring the year and we can use this to try and find who was moving around, and where they were going! 

Norman Lockyer in a book from 100 years ago, The Dawn of Astronomy, actually described the dawn-stellar cult as one of the first in Egypt. (The Stellar cult was worshipped in Egypt before the Solar One. Possibly Lucifer-worship of the fallen-angel's ancient spaceship crashing down to Earth, a bright star in the heavens?). 

One thing that is apparent is that the Camel is only a recent introduction into Arabia. Horses were used in previous ages. The whole place used to be green, especially during the Ice Ages! 

So why would one even care about the solstices, unless one was a farmer? In that case, the equinoxes are highly important. Based on this, one might suggest that the sculptures long pre-date 6000 and in fact go back to the Ice Ages? 

Or perhaps they were honouring an ancient year? Who in 6500 BC would care about the year, seeing as they apparently had no civilisation? Or... did they? So many questions! 

Links: that weird lines have been discovered in the Saudi Desert. 

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