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Saviour Song
Look, you shepherds - the sky’s ablaze as the Hosts of heaven come down Hear them herald our Saviour's coming Tonight in David’s town “Glory be in the highest heavens to God” the seraphim sing “Peace on earth to all mankind Who find their favour in Him" Look, you sinners, and see your Saviour The Son of Man on a cross See the nails pierce His feet and hands Understand He carries your cost His body broken for our transgressions His blood poured out for our sin Put your hope in this cleansing flood And you’ll find forgiveness in Him Hear a cry like the roar of thunder The Lamb of God is alive! The exaltation of countless nations Of every language and tribe. "Worthy, Risen Redeemer To receive honour, wisdom and strength To You, forever upon the throne Be the praise and glory, Amen!"
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