SAWTOB: Meeting Oswald Mini Comic
 Just a funny little mini comic I had in mind. 

Some things to take note of
1. when Stanley and Willy were replying to Oswald who said he had 420, the both of them showed a bit of themselves while doing it. Example of what I mean, Willy loves food, so he said that would be a lot of mouths to feed since he practically always has food on the mind. Stanley always wanted to be apart of a family, so when he heard that he thought that must be one big happy family. just...being it shows their character trait by what they respond too. 
2. Andy deliberately said that because he knew that would trigger off Stanley since Stanley was always the "good one" being polite, humble, and respecting. So when he says something like that, he knew it would tick off Stanley. He also knew Willy had no idea what those kinds of things are, so he could easily get away with it. Andy also knew because Oswald wasn't a mean sort, he knew he would also get away with it also seeing how Oswald was chuckling when Stanley had his back turned to yell at him. So he knew he wasn't going to get in trouble anyway.

That little stinker...
Though poor Willy, no clue what just happened, no clue why it just happened, and no clue on what Andy meant on "someone's was busy" since he's not really informed on that. How Stanley is remains unknown. Like I said Willy is kind of the dumb one in the group lol. 

Well at least they didn't get in trouble...