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Say Cheese and Die
I just bought a camera 
But I am thinking I should return it 
When I click to take a pic 
The people in the picture wind up dead 
I can’t explain it, why do they die? 

Say cheese and die 
It could be a coincidence 
But I’m thinking death lurks in that lethal lens 

Who’d have thought that when I bought 
An item from that creepy gypsy stand 
There would be some unforeseen 
And Twilight Zoney consequence at hand 
The shutter’s coming down like a knife 

Say cheese and die 
Should’ve gotten suspicious when 
I saw the aperture was 666 

I wrack my brain, but I don’t know why 
Say cheese and die 
Maybe that’s why 
The camera shoots you like a gun 
And the photo album graveyard’s filling up