Say Goodbye to Blip...
So, I recently found out that Blip is not long for this world. Following the purchase of Maker Studios (which owns Blip) by Disney, Blip has gone silent and I recently discovered that it likely won't exist anymore by the end of this year, possibly much sooner. As such, I've ramped up the speed of the YouTube uploads and am already almost done. Unfortunately, this is going to affect all of my posts here on Patreon as I cannot simply alter the embeds in each. I've weighed all my options and have decided the best thing to do is simply add a note to the front page for my Patreon profile to let everyone who discovers me in that way know that the older Blip embeds aren't going to work and that old episodes should simply be watched from my website or YouTube. I was originally thinking of relinking all the YouTube videos here in Patreon using their automatic system for doing so, but then there'd be double posts of all my videos with no comments in the ones which work, which would probably be a lot more confusing, and if I deleted the old non-working posts, the comments would be gone forever and anything said around those points in time which weren't episode uploads will still be there, making it look like a lot of nothing happened. :P Basically, this post is just to let you guys know what's going to happen shortly. The next episode of ADG may be the first to go up exclusively on YouTube, or it may be the last to go up on Blip, it really depends on how quickly I'm able to get this changeover finalized given the 200+ videos I need to relink and everything.
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