Saying Something
I posted today's web log post for a lot of silly reasons.  I had had an idea and I started writing it, and I'm not sure whether it was really worth writing but having started it I worked on finishing it.  Then something arose that I thought I probably ought to address--the Warhammer 40K story of which some of you have undoubtedly heard--so I decided I wanted to push this one out of the way into publication so I could focus on that (which I have not yet started, although I have another barely started that I pushed to a back burner to make space for this one).  This one, web log post #161:  Pseudovulgarity, is about words we don't say and words we say instead, and why we don't or shouldn't.

I also finished and uploaded the new character paper for Lauren Elizabether Meyers Hastings, after Old Verses New.  I am glad to be finished with this one, because it probably was the biggest of them all (it is amazing how many new skills and how much more equipment she adds, but then the book does cover a couple centuries of life for her), and because it was in the way of gathering the information for the book three character sheets, which I have now begun even though I still have some book two character sheets to finish (Bethany has to be done for both book two and book one, but in that order because that's the order in which she lives them).

So I'm not sure whether any of that is something any of you want to read, but it's there, and it is a harbinger of more to come.