Sayonara Spoopy Days ~ Behind the Scenes and More!
Hey there! I'm glad to hear from some of you that you enjoyed my photography post and like the use of Google Drive! As I mentioned earlier, here is the second post for today. Please check your messages for the album link :3

Stuff for this month's post includes - (50+ photos of..)

- Behind the scenes from October's Lewd Witch shoot with Sailor Lettie <3 

- Two failed scary Halloween makeup looks- one as a clown-ish type thing I tried to do and ended up using silly snapchat filters on, and the other just some random bloody makeup I attempted xD

- Extra witch Miku cosplay selfies 

- My first trial at genderbent/masculine makeup (I've wanted to start cosplaying as male characters as well so this was a fun test run!)

 - Attempted/failed ahegao selfie teehee :p  

 - A few extra Fan Expo photos (more to come later) 

- Funny/cute bts photos from the property I did my photography shoot at (why did the chicken cross the road?)                      

- Even more selfies......

..... and more?!  :0

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And to those of you who are already patrons, thank you so much for being here! I hope you've been enjoying my content so far <3 Stay tuned this week because I'll be continuing to post previews of this month's lewd shoot leading up to the full set release on December 1st! 

Enjoy! - Eiko