SC: Year One | Chapter 4: Elise Dixon

It was sunset, about three PM, and Elise was on the roof watching it through dark glasses. Winter in Alaska was her favorite time of year. Not much light, just the way she liked it. She had less incidents in the winter. There had not been one in weeks. 

She sipped at her tea, still too hot to drink, and blinked slowly. She liked evenings like this, when she was alone, no one around for twenty miles in any direction. Her mother would not be home for a few hours yet. 

The roar of a jet engine pulled her from her thoughts. Standing, she saw a small jet land in the front yard, coming straight down from above. She stood on the roof, watching as two figures emerged from the jet. One with large black bat wings, the other a slim female who did not look quite human. She moved with inhuman grace, too smooth, unnatural. She made Elise nervous. 

The one with wings, also a woman, had ginger hair and wore a mask. 

Elise recognized both of them from the news that her mother watched. Black Dragon from the Guard, and the Guard’s android, Elise did not remember her name. 

“Hi!” Dragon called, seeing her on the roof. “You’re Elise Dixon, right?” 

Elise did not answer. 

“We’re here to talk to you, would you mind?” 

“Yes.” Elise turned from them and climbed into the house through the upstairs window, closing it behind her. She went downstairs and locked the deadbolt. She did not want to talk to the Guard or any other paranaturals.

There was a knock on the door she had just locked. Elise ignored it, going into the kitchen. The knocking continued and Dragon spoke through the wood. “Elise we just want to talk, make this easy and open the door. We know it’s you that’s been causing the blackouts up here.” 

Elise tensed. Not many people knew it was her. 

“We can open this door if you don’t. You can let us in, or we can leave and the DPA can come instead. They’re not going to be as nice as us.” 

Elise still did not answer. So far she had been pretty good at avoiding the DPA. 

“They have your file,” Dragon added. “They know you’re here.” 

Elise sighed, casting her gaze towards the ceiling. It seemed like it would be in her best interests to talk to the women from the Guard, yet still she deliberated. She was about to go and open the door when the two on the other side got impatient. 

The door smashed inward, lock and handle busted. Elise swore, spilling tea all over herself. She set her cup on the counter and stalked into the front hall. 

“You really shouldn’t have done that,” she said.  

“Listen we just want to––What the hell?” Dragon swore, suddenly blind as Elise drained all the light from the area. 

That was better. She could see Dragon, clutching the door jam, searching for something solid in the darkness. The android stood stock still in the doorway, gaze straight ahead. Elise assumed that she too was blind. 

“SITCH!” Dragon said, shouting though the android still stood next to her. “Take care of this.” 

SITCH did not respond, still standing completely still. Then she looked at Elise. 

Shit, Elise thought. 

The android sprang forward, a blow aimed straight for the side of her head. Elise blocked her, the impact of SITCH’s synthetic forearm on her own sending shocks all the way to her shoulder. She darted away, up the stairs to higher ground, the android following on her heels. A sweep kick into her shins brought Elise down, landing hard on her hip on the carpeted stairs. She cursed, eyes watering in pain, and rolled, just avoiding SITCH’s next strike. She was not so lucky in avoiding when the robot snaked an arm out and grabbed her hair. 

“Stop fighting,” she said in an almost human voice. She pulled Elise up, holding her securely against the wall.

“Fuck you,” Elise snarled, holding onto the hand that held her hair. SITCH raised a hand, a small needle sprouting from her pointer finger. She jabbed it into Elise’s neck, flooding her body with a sedative that knocked her out in seconds. 

With Elise unconscious the darkness receded. Dragon was still by the door, wings folded by her back and in a half crouch. 

“Whoo, I can see why the DPA thinks she’s a threat…” She said, straightening up, watching SITCH as she came down the stairs, carrying Elise. 

“SITCH,” Dragon said, “You take her back to Seattle, I’ll stay here and explain to her mother.” 

SITCH nodded and left the house with the unconscious Elise, leaving Dragon to explain to her mother the broken door and her missing daughter.