SC: Year One | Chapter 6: Mari Mota (Part 1)

They hung around the Guard’s headquarters for a few more days while Church and Brie––His sister––finished making arrangements for them to go to Hawaii. Vincent and the three younger Parahuman’s should have spent that time getting to know each other, but they ended up spending it at as far from one another as possible whiles still being in the building. Xander was the only one of the four who actually seemed like he wanted to be there. 

Eventually they were given a small jet to take to Hawaii, the same one that Vincent had taken from Maine. He knew how to fly it, and it was already plotted with a course to their destination in Hawaii. The three paranaturals, Elise, Richard and Xander, took three of the six seats in the plane. As they flew the boys talked. Elise was stubbornly ignoring everyone. 

Ten minutes after their departure Vincent got a call. It was Church. 

“By the way,” he started, “You have one more kid you’re picking up.”

“You didn’t think to tell me this sooner?” Vincent grumbled. 

“She’s in Hawaii. And I forgot.” 

“Do I know where?” 

“It’s the second set of coordinates we gave you.” 

“Thanks.” It was slightly sarcastic, but Vincent was glad he had known before they got to Hawaii. He hung up and put in their new destination, then switched on the intercom. 

“We’ve got a bit of a detour, picking up another for the team. She’s in Hawaii, so it’s not much of a change. But we’re in for a bit of a flight, so get comfortable.” 

It was a three hour flight with the jet they were in. Vincent noticed that after less than an hour Xander was out cold. Considering how he had found him, and what his record had said it wasn’t a surprise. Richard moved seats to sit nearer to Elise. From the slight murmur of conversation it sounded like he had gotten her to talk.

The flight dragged on, and after another half hour Richard came up to the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot’s seat. 

“So, what’s your part in all this?” he asked. “Are you actually going to train us, or just babysit us?” 

“I said I would train you, so that’s what I’m going to do,” He glanced at the young man to his right. “This is a better option for you than being locked up by the DPA, and that’s where you all were headed at the rate you were going.”

Richard was silent for a moment, then, “I don’t actually mind much. I just wish we were given more of a choice. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it, I’ve already been doing the whole heroing thing for a while.” 

“Most people would call you a vigilante,” Vincent said.

“I know.” 

They were quiet for a few uncomfortable minutes, and Richard finally broke it with, “God, what I would give for some music.” 

He leaned forward and swiped his fingers lightly over the screen on the dash. He after a few seconds he AHA’d and shortly after the cockpit was filled with music. 

“That’s better,” he grinned.

Vincent allowed himself a smile. He was thinking he could get to like this kid. Not that he was really a kid. Richard’s file had said he was twenty-three. 

“How long have you had your abilities?” Vincent asked. 

“Uh, as long as I can remember,” Richard said. “My mum always told me not to use them, but…” 

“You didn’t listen to her I’m guessing?” 

“No, I did,” Richard paused, “Mostly.” 


“I didn’t use them when anyone was looking or when they knew it was me.” 

“Good plan.” 

“That didn’t last very long though. She found out that I was teaching myself how to use my powers when I was sixteen. She wasn’t terribly happy…” 

“I can imagine not,” Vincent replied. 

“So I stopped for awhile.” 

“When did you start playing cop?” Vincent asked. 

“Uh… Three years ago. I moved out and it just sort of happened.” 

“No role models?” 

“Some, there were a few heroes I would follow, but I didn’t talk to them often.” 

“So you taught yourself everything you know about your powers?” 

“Pretty much, my mother didn’t even tell me about my powers till I already knew about them.” He ruffled his fingers back through yellow hair, pushing the longer bits into a rough halo around his head. In the lowering sun the strands seemed to glow. 

Part 1