This is a scale for my Sci-Fi works. I've seen a couple out there that have ships from Star Wars/Star Trek/Babylon 5/etc. in relation to each other and I came to one inescapable conclusion...their ships are all quite small. Now I think this is fine when they are using this to show that their level of technology is so high that they can do the same things with less space, but I knew these kinds of ships would be too small for my stuff. Space is infinite, the resources available from asteroids, rings and moons are astronomical. In my science fiction(The Machine), this is taken into account. When governments and corporations build warships or colonies, they go all out to make sure they last. I included the Super Star Destroyer, an Imperial Star Destroyer and the Enterprise D for reference in the lower right. The Dido-class Space Colony in the center is 71.5 km from end to end or about 44.43 miles and they tend to have about 1.5 million residents. The Alien ships above it(including the Tacron Super Carrier rough work) are mostly for reference as they don't show up in the story until much later. *Update* Human Ships United Earth Government Dreadnaught Flagship, UES Fafnir - 19,125 meters Column 1(Loyalists): Carrier UES Augustus - 7,500 meters Cruiser, Newark Class - 5,000 meters Frigate, Camden Class(Dragoon) - 900 meters Cruiser, Cyclops Class - 3,030 meters Frigate, Medusa Class - 820 meters Juggernaut, Blackmore Class - 3,620 meters Destroyer, Lommi Class - 2,300 meters Escort Carrier, Appice Class - 400 meters Column 2(Earth Navy): Battleship, UES Gungnir - 7,040 meters Assault(Heavy) Cruiser, UES Montana - 6,100 meters Strike Cruiser, UES Scipio - 6,000 meters Cruiser, Yorktown Class - 4,980 meters High Mobility Cruiser, UES Hood - 4,960 meters Experimental Destroyer, UES Missoula - 2,000 meters Heavy Destroyer, UES Bozeman - 1,790 meters Destroyer, Peisistratus Class - 1,400 meters Assault Transport, Brochus Class - 1,200 meters Frigate, Hippias Class - 880 meters Lagrange - 3 Battle-Carrier Flagship, Deucalion - 5,850 meters Autonomous Experimental Cruiser, Cadmus - 4,200 meters M.O.R.G.A.N.(Mars Organizational Resource Gathering Arbitration Network) Super Carrier, MIS Azael -14,000 meters Heavy Cruiser, Ashkelon Class - 6,300 meters Light Cruiser, Haifa Class - 3,560 meters Destroyer, Hvastrahe Class - 1,780 meters Frigate, Mezad Class - 1,000 meters Reference Ships Super Star Destroyer - 17,484 meters Imperial Star Destroyer - 1,606 meters Galaxy Class - 642 meters