The Scam in Junior College (Part XI)

Some Teachers were Involved in Gossiping about Radha and David

The principal told the boy to go back to his class and told the supervisor, David and Radha to sit in front of him. Mr. Bhattacharya said, “I know that what has happened is wrong but you should not stop teaching.”

“Then, you won’t even bother to find out which teachers are responsible for this? Do you know David Sir is like my brother?” Radha asked narrowing her eyes.

“Manpreet, do you know who the teachers are?”

“Sir, all this started some years ago when we realized that students of opposite gender had started dating each other. We started teasing them that they are brother and sister so that they would stop it.”

“Is that the way you handle the situation?” Radha asked agitated. “What you started has taken such proportions.”

The principal took a meeting, where he warned the supervisor and the other teachers not to continue teasing people about such things and he also told Radha to go on and teach, without asking the teachers to give a written apology. Radha realized that if she would be stubborn just then she would jeopardize her mission. So she left it at that.

To be continued…

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