It is well known that Captain Radlia Keene of the world-famous Talons is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women to take to the skies and command her own fleet of sky pirates. A night with her is the stuff that dreams are made of, but what does a woman of such caliber take to in order to satisfy her tastes? The Crucible has received an exclusive report from one of her former man meat stand-ins. It appears that Radlia harbors a secret crush on her bitter rival, a man few have ever heard of and whose fame and talent pale in comparison to hers: Leofard Myste of the so-called Redbills!

According to our source, Radlia would choose one young man in her crew and take him under her wing. She would command him to wear his hair similarly to Leofard (though not too obviously, so as to prevent the rest of her crew from suspecting her motives), and every night he would meet the captain in her chambers, where she made him wear a Redbill scarf and goggles, to obscure his face and to make the boy more closely resemble the object of her carnal desires.

While this may seem like a layman’s fantasy come to life, our source tells me that while he was under Radlia’s service it quickly became more of a nightmare than a dream. He thought he knew what he was signing up for, but nothing could prepare him for being treated as nothing more than a piece of man meat for the captain to use to use to satisfy her desires on a whim and at the drop of a hat. Should he have ever spoken out of turn or made the slightest noise or action not to her liking, she would rip the scarf off and shove it in his mouth, which only brought her greater pleasure. It soon became routine and she began to lose track of reality and during their sessions she began referring to him as Leofard and commanding him, not as a crewman below her (literally and figuratively), but as Leofard himself. Her fantasies began to blend with reality after Leofard saved her life at the Weeping City, and she began insisting that he remain in her chambers even after their sessions ended.

It was then that he decided to make his escape. When he went to claim his final paycheck, however, he learned that his name had been scrubbed entirely from the band’s records and that barely anyone even remembered who he was or that he had ever existed. Not wanting to stick around and find out what would happen when his sex-crazed boss learned he’d left, he high-tailed it out of there, never to return.

So remember, readers - if the object of your desires starts slowly forcing you to become a literal object for their desires, you may want to get out of there. Unless it’s, just, really good.

Written by Anthony Hawke, who would have been able to handle her.

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