Scanner Milestone Reached
THAT'S EXCITING! To be quite honest, I set that goal lower than the actual cost of a scanner, because:

a) I wanted a really nice achievable-looking goal. When I started this I had so many doubts as to whether anyone would support me?? I didn't want everything to seem way out of reach, haha...

b) I need a scanner pretty urgently so it had to be something achievable FAST, too.

c) While I don't have much in the way of income, I do have a bit of leeway in the meantime, so even though $20 may not necessarily cover the cost of a scanner in one go, given that this is (hopefully!) coming in every month, it's some guarantee that the money WILL COME AT SOME POINT REASONABLY SOON. So that's nice.

d) Relatedly, I have to actually get around to looking for and buying a scanner, so it's again not super urgent that I have all the money immediately, because I'll probably have most of it by the time it counts. (Life is busy, okay?) But I did have to set the goal such that I would START looking reasonably rapidly.

As far as the search for a scanner is actually going: today I brought one home that was free (which is still the ideal kind of scanner), but it doesn't seem to turn on, unless downloading the software somehow does wonders (I am doubtful but trying anyway). So, not going very far yet.

But I am feeling incredibly heartened by the support so far and the money goal achieved already!!! You're all wonderful! Thank you!!!