Scarlet Fever page 01
In 2014 I attended C2E2 where I was challenged by comics writer Dirk Manning to create sequential work for my portfolio. Soon afterward I came up with a idea for a short comics story starring three of my favorite comic book redheads: Batgirl, Mera, and Hawkgirl. I contacted my friend Rob Kelly of and the Fire And Water Podcast to help me turn this story into a script. To my great excitement (and relief) Rob jumped at the chance.

To my shame, it's taken me oh-so-long to put pen to paper, but I am determined to complete this story! Rob's treatment of Scarlet Fever is terribly fun and I'm looking forward to seeing it through. This will be an excellent practice in focus and determination for me—especially as time is limited and I enjoy the much-more-immediate gratification from creating individual prints. 2016 is the year I am going to complete my first sequential story!!! (He said, rolling up his sleeves!)