Scarlet Ryder—First Heroine of the NeveRealm
The character of Scarlet Ryder came long before the concept of the world she would inhabit or the other lead female characters in the series. 

She was actually the product of a 'what if' exercise I did during a course at Savvy Authors in 2013 ...

What if the descendants of the fairy tale characters we love lived in our world now?

I completed the course with character descriptions for Scarlet and the main villain in her series, Victoria, and a very different idea of how the story would play out.

I wrote the story twice during those next few months, but it wasn't until National Novel Writing Month in 2013 that the current version of the character and her story became a reality in Scarlett's Wolf.

The NeveRealm still wasn't fully realized until NaNoWriMo in 2014, when the name changed and The Guardian Awakens, A Scarlet Ryder Story was rewritten.

As an artist, cover art is important to my writing process as it keeps me grounded and helps drive me forward. Attached to this article is the original cover art for that 2013 NaNoWriMo novel, Scarlett's Wolf.