Scary Stuff
You know, sometimes when you're a writer, you have this thing happen. You start creating a story idea in your head. It's a process that can take days, weeks, months - in some cases years.

You create this fantastic world, imagine these beautiful settings, people it with amazing characters and you just know that this story could be truly amazing.

But you're afraid to write it.

It happens more often than you'd think.

Because you know, once you get started, once you start writing down those words, that you could get the story wrong.

Ruin it.

That perfect story that you've lovingly created and kept in your brain like a well-fed, jaw-droppingly, awesome lion and you don't want to set it free. Because if you do set it free, it could run loose on its own and somehow starve and die.

In your brain, it stays beautiful. It remains perfect.

But out there, in the big, bad world ...?

I have a story like that at the moment. I want to write it. I think it would be fun. Amaze-balls. But ...

I haven't. Because what if I ruin it?