Scattershot - April 2017
Hello, my lovely, lovely Patrons!

Sorry I missed you last week, but today I'm back to share my thoughts on the current state of GURPS, the recent Steve Jackson Games "Report to the Stakeholders," the upcoming Dungeon Fantasy boxed set, and the official GURPS Print on Demand books.

Short version? GURPS has some serious challenges ahead, but I fully expect to still be playing it well into the post-apocalyptic collapse of society.

I also ruminate a bit on the continued growth of the Discord community and its use as a place to bring online GMs and Players together (I've recently added a new Google Docs spreadsheet for tracking available games), and how I look forward to hopefully running some of my games online with Roll20 in the next few months.

All in all? It's a wonderful time to be a GURPS player, and crits are in the air!

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