Scavengers' Sunday: Double Dipping
Sometimes things come along that really derail me. I had this week's Scavengers' Sunday all planned out and then around midnight last night I was blindsided by a track I fell in love with. What does this mean? This week we get something for fans of ugly and for fans of pretty. What a great feeling, and it's so true to form for what I do with Black Metal & Brews.

First up, we get really calculated and nasty with Mo'ynoq. This is noisy black metal with a serious start-stop edge that makes me feel like they'd have been a great gateway band from the "mathy" bands right into black metal's lower tiers of wretchedness.  There's a primal sensibility to the whole thing, but the composition is far more deliberate than the rawness would suggest. It's a great intersection of the kinds of metal that I love and I think it'll hit the mark similarly for you. This only came out last month and it's a "pay what you like" album, making it perfect for you #metalbandcampgiftclub folks.

Then, out of nowhere, IKO 93 appeared. This act is about to release its debut cassette, Mutt/Drag, and I've listened to the sample track of "Mutt" probably 5 times in the twelve hours since it was made public. Given the name of the tape, it seems like this may just be a cassingle of some sort, but I'm really hoping for more than two songs. From the almost Kraftwerkian minimalism of the song's foundation to the dense, warm beats and muffled vocals, the song touches upon most of the things I love about synthpop. Keep an eye on my social media for more on this group. I can already tell this is one of those things I'll be ranting about for a while.