Scene concept quiz and 12 image series
I've had people request various kinds of scenes and wanted to know if the following would be interesting. Polly and her faithful guard, Spring, are solicited by twins from a neighboring village for protection, as their men were slain by bandits. They want Polly to hunt these men down and serve them justice, despite their not being Amazons.

Should there be a chance, if Polly has enough political savvy built up at this point, for her to convince these twins to have a dalliance? Keeping in mind they're all over 18, etc, etc. Twelve image series attached for an idea of how things would start; everything in the series is PG at present.

Bonus: attached an image of the next stage of the scene, if it happens. 

Yes, I'd love to see a scene with identical female twins

I don't care about it either way.

If I can't skip it because it would offend and be a problem.

No, any content like this offends my sensibilities.

Something else that doesn't fit above (drop me a message).

116 votes total
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