Schedule Shuffling
I've been playing with the schedule somewhat on my end, and I've got some status updates on where everything is at:

It looks like, because of the length and complexity of the Fey Folio, it's going to have to be released in two months. Just as with High Seas, we'll get the first few chapters out on time (this month) while the latter half of the book lags behind to the following month.

We should have our next New Base Class finished on time without any issue, no matter when that releases.

Meanwhile, I would like for our Expanded Dark Matter chapter to be a one-month deal, but this may end up being two months if working on Fey Folio saps too much of our preparation time.

So, here's a tentative schedule for the next few months:

  • February 1st: Fey Folio, part 1
  • March 1st: Fey Folio, part 2 + new base class (probably the Gadgeteer)
  • April 1st: Dark Matter Character Options chapter (possibly only part 1)
  • May 1st: Dark Matter Character Options chapter (part 2?)

I'm never super excited to add delays to the schedule, but I think it's preferable to over-promising what we can do. As always, I promise I'll be releasing something every month on the Patreon, even if it's just 20-30 of new pages in the current 'big' project. With that said, we'll have a new poll next month!

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