Schedule and Progress Update
Quick update on my schedule and what's happening.  I'm still putting the finishing touches to my album 'The Light Between Our Shadows'.  At the moment I have 2-3 days per week to be in the studio.  So when I use that time I have to choose between working on the album or doing mixes for Into The Light and its side shows.  At the moment I am using this time for the album as I want to get it out there asap.  So I don't have any new episodes ready for release just yet.

I have 2 tracks that still need vocals recorded and I have been trying out a few new singers.  I've found some really good talent but I need to figure out some logistics and see how things will turn out.  Once these vocal tracks are finished it's a case of spending some time mastering the album as a whole and then it can be released.  All of this is probably going to take several months as I now only have these 2-3 days of studio time each week.  My listeners are being very patient and I thank you for that.  I think it''ll be worth the wait.  In the mean time I will be dropping little teasers of some of the tracks for my Patreon supporters every once in a while.