Schedule = Bad Idea
Hey guys, hope all is well! Just thought I'd check in with you, as it's Sunday, and normally I'd have a preview of some sort out for you guys. Well, after this week, I sadly don't. I won't lie, I've been in an incredible emotional slump lately, and very demotivated, and the schedule of every monday kind of sucked an aspect of the fun I've had with the series for far. That being said, I'm thinking about making the series without schedule, and giving some to not put pressure on battling writers' block. The last thing I want to do is forcibly release something I didn't put all my time and heart into, because ultimately the series is the most i've had with production, and I don't want to release anything I don't take 100% pride in. So there's not going to be a video tomorrow, but definitely sometime this week.

I hope you guys understand, and I apologize to those were looking forward to today's early release. You guys will still get the video before everyone when it does come out! Thanks everyone, and thank you for support.