Okay, so, how do I say this?

I think my professors talked and planned this one ahead for some reason and they scheduled 3 exams in one day, including deadlines for our case study and argumentative essays. Those three exams being Physics 11, Psychology 10, and Psychology 101 which makes them mind-numbing (and they occur immediately right after each other).

I actually already have written chapters ahead, but I did not expect the milestones to be reached so fast. XD So, once again, when we reach the 100 patrons milestone and 500$ goal, you'll get a total of 7 chapters for bonuses (yet again, although I've already released 2). This will be on top of the massive release incoming April 15 (which I timed because of our vacation).

I would've normally been able to handle it since I've done it before with Warsong, however, constraints are tight so I might, at most, just release 3 of the bonus chapters alongside everything else during the first week.

I'll ping you guys for further announcements.