Schedule update
Hey guys. Due to the amount of time it's taken to gather footage and the sheer size of the Danganronpa episode, I'm gonna be pushing back the schedule a week. Trigger happy havoc will release February 9th on schedule but I will be focusing all my time editing it instead of editing The Animation at the same time.

So here's the plan:

Danganronpa 1: February 9

Danganronpa 1: Zen Completion guide February 23rd

Danganronpa the animation March 2nd.

The completion guide will be easy to edit and I have all the footage since it is the stuff I need for the review anyway. The Animation will be pushed to March and there will be there shorter reviews in March. Danganronpa the animation, Fast 4, and Afro Samurai. April will be Baccano and Blood Blockade Battlefront S1 

Thanks for your understanding. 

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