Scheepjes Gifts Unboxing!
 I had the wonderful opportunity to try out some lavish Scheepjes gifts, just in time for the holiday season! 

• Yarn Ball Box

• Yarn bowl 

• Lucet (Knitting Fork) - How to Video !

• Stand-alone Swift (gorgeous)

• Sheepy blank greeting cards (buy here!) 

• Mug (check out how to buy  - with video!)

• CHOCOLATE - Check out this great list of places  in the USA (and some international!) to buy Dutch sweets associated with the festive "Sinterklaas" season :)

• Nostepinne for hand-winding a ball of yarn - see this YouTube Video ! very informative!

Conscious Skincare hand lotion 

- See Scheepjes website  And Facebook  page for info to get the non-linked crafty accessories above!