Schizophrenia or Possessed?

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Community Members receive access to Cecilia McGough's Patreon page where she will post updates more often than on her public social media accounts. Community Members will also have a higher chance at receiving shout outs in Cecilia's video content, and Cecilia is also more likely to respond to your comments and messages faster on Patreon.
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You will not only get an exclusive behind the scenes look, but you will also get some say on what content is made! On patreon, $5/mo patreons can participate in polls and vote on what content they want to see more of! This includes the inside scoop of Cecilia's decision making process on signing off on certain TV show/documentary opportunities which cannot be broadcast publicly quite yet. 
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***(Private message me for a copy of the blog!)*** 

Cecilia McGough started blogging in 2015. Her first blog post was her opening up about her condition publicly. Now, every Thursday, Cecilia revisits the old blog posts and makes a reaction video. With the $10/mo patreon level, you not only get access to the blog posts but also can comment and ask questions about the posts in an interactive format which Cecilia will respond to. These blog posts are currently being complied into a book. Your comments and questions might even make the final cut! All $10/mo patreons and above who write comments or ask questions will also be listed in the printed book as a contributors to the text. Cecilia has started writing again, so you will also get an exclusive look at those new chapters as well!

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Once a month, Cecilia and (at the most) ten other individuals will meetup for one hour online in a group video/audio chat. This group in no way replaces a support group or seeing your mental health professional, but activities may be played that one might see in a support group session and also confidentiality  and a respect for others is expected from all participants such as in a support group. If more that ten paterons are signed up, we will schedule multiple dates throughout the month to help include everyone.  
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It is often said that we fear what we don't know. Once a week, book club members will get together online and discuss the reading that was assigned. Cecilia McGough will personally be heading up this book club. All book club meetings will be recorded for later use and made available to book club members who might have missed a meeting. 

Meetings will be starting mid September! Our first book is "Surviving Schizophrenia" by E. Fuller Torrey.

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