Schlock & Terror: A Retrospective of Video Nasties - Absurd

The show begins with a "formal" discussion about the Italian Halloween ripoff known as Absurd. Beware of Dave! The jogging bowling-shoe wearing zombie devil...thing!

Originally published on the 13th of July, 2016.

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You can request any TV show or movie from the 2000s for me to review on the show as an average episode. 
With movies, it's pretty simple: 2000 to 2009.
TV shows are a little more complicated. As well as the ordinary 2000 to 2009 shows, you can also request any shows that started in the late nineties (1996 to 1999) and have continued into the 2000s due to the number of shows that were deemed 2000s shows even though they started in the late 1990s.

Also shows that started in the 2000s into the 2010s and onwards. But not 1996 to 2010s shows, they are not shows from the 2000s. They're not 2000s shows, they're shows not restricted to any decade like The Simpsons or SpongeBob.

I have a few conditions.

1. There are a few shows and movies I have reserved for special episodes like anniversaries. If you request a reserved show or movie, I'm going to have to ask you to request your second choice. Nothing personal, these special episodes involve a lot of preparations and are made for specific dates, I can't possibly get one done in time for a patron like my average episodes.

2. Please don't request the following movies and shows that I wouldn't review:
Anime - I barely watched any, never been interested. It would be very difficult for me to talk about an anime series since I'm the opposite of an expert.
Harry Potter films - Hold your torches and pitchforks, I'm just indifferent to Harry Potter in general. I'm not going to review them because I would be a pretty boring reviewer in an episode about any of these films.
Twilight films- Everything that could be said about them has been said. I would just end up repeating what every reviewer has said.
Transformers films - Same as above.
Son of the Mask - Pretty much the whole review would be me rocking myself in the corner.

3. They must be completed shows, no on-going series.

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Option Two: If you don't have anything to advertise, you get to request anything outside my criteria. A TV show or a movie not stuck in the 2000s. Or just stuff you would like to see me review in general that I can get my hands on, like comics, food, or...

Preferably something that I would have at least a little teeny tiny bit of knowledge of. Plus, these aren't like my average episodes so maybe chose something that won't take too much time. For example, the entire run of Classic Doctor Who will take too much time to review.

Bonus Reward! You get to do cameo! Basically one concerning how much fun/misery I'll have reviewing your request, a cameo that I can 'respond' to in the video.

Condition number two of the $5 reward still applies here. Seriously, no anime.
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These calls aren't going to be live-streamed, by the way. I'm not that good with technology.
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