School and Here.
Hey there everyone! It's been a while since I've poked my head out of the ground. School has kept me busy, and despite the fact that I'm doing art for there, I find very little time of actually being able to upload for here. So this is what's happening.

Tattoo artist or not, I'm still always doodling and writing up story ideas. I want to share these with people. I want to share them with all of YOU. Because you're still here, and I appreciate that more than you can ever know.  

One of my biggest issues as an artist is that I'm still learning how to market myself. I want to give so much more to my followers than I actually have time to give.  So I'm finding solutions around this. My main focus is making merchandise and storyboards in plenty before pitching an idea out or restarting Patreon to the general public. I'm learning how to budget. I'm learning how to time manage.

I'm also trying to be realistic. Which funny enough, is very tough for me. But it's gotta be done, and I think with these new schedules in place, I'll build myself up to a point where this can be a consistent piece to my life.

So I'm still here, and I see you are too. I haven't forgotten about you; just got lost in the woods for a little bit. Stay nearby; because I don't think I can contain the creative much longer. -